Value Cards Exppress Car wash

Exppress Car Wash Value Card Program

Interested property owners, with suitable locations, having around 1000 sq. ft. & above, want to put up a Car Wash Unit or to lease or sell out the property, please submit the required details.

Exppress Car wash Value card programs are the outcome of the services we provide with all our care and great supervision wherein we deliver the vehicle to the customer with a smile.

Our happy customer has motivated us to launch more and more value cards with more loyalty benefits which in turn has benefitted our clients and made them our valued customers for the long term.


Exppress Car wash goes by the fact that our repeated customer is an achievement so to maintain that we have listed a few benefits:

  • You don’t need to carry cash along..

  • You can plan your car wash services and can track the list of services.

  • The customer can get the card renewed.

  • Periodically you will get alerts for various benefits via SMS and emails using our Value cards.

  • Value card customers are our priority card customers.

Our list of various value Cards which comes with special features that can be understood as follows