Opticoat The Best Ceramic Car Coating Ever

Omg! The Best Ceramic Car Coating Ever

The term ceramic coating is a revolutionary detailing product used for protecting the vehicle’s surface from all sorts of scratches and blemish-causing factors. Mainly composed of silica dioxide forms a covalent bond that is hydrophobic in nature and creates a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle’s factory paint. This protective shield gives durable protection from all types of external factors including road salts, insect acids, oxidation, bird droppings, minor scratches, oxidation and helps in protecting the vehicle from damaging sun rays. It’s the features, along with hydrophobicity, which separates ceramic car coating (Opti Coat) from other sealants and waxes.


Keep Your Car Safe with Opti Coat (Ceramic Coating)


Ceramic Coating on your car’s body and under-chassis area.

This car coating once cured; it is measured with 9H hardness. Normal car coating like Teflon coating possess hardness between 2H and 4H. The enhanced hardness of ceramic-coated surface is higher than these. This makes it the hardest coating on the factory coating in the auto care market. This new shield prevents all sorts of external damages like blemishes, scratches and swirl marks and pretends as the sacrificial layer. This prevents normal factory paint. Any small and minor scratches which happen in ceramic paint can be easily removed with slight polishing that will not hamper the original clear coat integrity.

Why Invest in Opti Coat Ceramic Car Coating?

Getting a car is really a heavy investment that matters to you by affecting your pocket. You require to protect this investment with the best products available in the market. You definitely know that vehicle demands superior care. Experts recommend optimal performance for protecting vehicle to an extreme level. Opti Coat ceramic coating for car and it’s all product lines are strictly designed to deliver “The Ultimate™” complete vehicle protection.

Ceramic car coating is to deliver car owners with ultimate car care protections which enhances the look and feel of the vehicles and also extends the durability of automotive surfaces for maximizing the vehicle’s resale value and driving a pleasure.


Opti Coat Powered by SiC™ Makes It Best Ceramic Car Coating


The main function of ceramic car coating is to add protection to factory paint of a vehicle where it is professionally applied. TiO2 and SiO2 based resin diminish over a certain time. The degradation and hydrolysis of TiO2 and SiO2 based resins are easily accelerated using high pH products and low pH cleaners. By eliminating the oxygen group and professionally using SiC linkages as strong polymer backbone, the ceramic car coating is unaffected by high or low pH levels and resistant to sun UV breakdown. Thus, this ceramic coating provides the best protective features to the vehicle’s finishes.

This car coating was developed and tested for hardness, longevity, UV resistance, chemical resistance, scratch resistance, and gloss levels and passed through all the tests.

How Opti Coat Ceramic Coating Brings Difference to the Vehicle

Your vehicle deserves the best care and that why most of the car owners look for an auto detailing market. This is the reason why car owners globally choose Opti Coat ceramic car coating over other car coatings likes Teflon Coating. They trust Opti Coat ceramic car coating to consistently deliver unmatched protection, brilliance, and hardness.

Professional application of Opti Coat ceramic coating exhibits extremely durable glossiness that protects exterior surfaces of the vehicle including metal, paint, stainless steel, wheels and plastics. This ceramic coating is a permanent coating that actually turns into a functional surface of the paintwork of vehicles.


Ceramic Car Coating Benefits and Features


Protection from Harmful External Factors:

Extending from road salts, sands, stone chips, dirt, dust to insects’ contaminants, UV rays damage and moisture, your car and other vehicles are vulnerable to various types of corrosive elements. In bonding with the substrate, Opti Coat ceramic coating delivers a shield that can’t be easily washed off.

Long-Lasting Beauty with Less Maintenance:

The unique formulation of Opti Coat protection delivers long-lasting beauty by keeping the painted surface clean and retaining back the high gloss. Ceramic coating greatly reduces the effort and time spent on caring for and maintaining the vehicle.

UV Rays Protection:

The direct rays of the sun directly harm the look and feel of vehicles. They can lead to corrosion of the metal surface. In that case, ceramic coating delivers maximum protection against UV rays.