Exppress Car Wash in Hazaribagh

Exppress Car wash is a "REVOLUTION” in automobile cleaning and detailing market. If you are still in doubt that Exppress Car wash is only about "Car cleaning" - Think Again. We do a lot more than this. Moreover, our experts and fully trained staff has always used the best solutions to effectively and safely maintain the appearance of your automobile. We were among the first in India to offer such car detailing services which is designed in a way that we meet the requirement of the customers pertaining to both quality and timely delivery of service.

Come to Exppress Car wash and feel the difference in your car and get the most of it in Just 20 minutes.


Locate Our Franchise Chain in Hazaribagh

Exppress car Wash Hazaribagh


Naya Khap, Bakashpura NH-33, Chowk, near Masipidhi,Hazaribagh-825301,Jharkhand.

Contact Person

Mr.Rakesh Kumar Singh,

Phone Number

99055577070 ,

Email Address


Opening and Closing Time

9:00 - 6:00

Opening and Closing Time

Cleaning and making Cars Shinny 6 Days a Week