Exppress Car Wash in Bhubneshwar

Trust our Exppress Car Wash in Bhubaneswar for car wash services.

Experience premium car wash services at Exppress Car Wash. Our dedicated team offers complete solutions for your vehicle to gleam inside and out. From thorough exterior washes to meticulous interior detailing, our commitment to exceptional quality and convenience. Trust us for your car cleaning washing, and detailing with Exppress Car Wash for all your car care needs today


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Exppress car Wash Bhubneshwar


Chennai - Kolkata Hwy, Palatotapada,Bhubaneshwar-752055,Orissa.

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Shahjahan Khan,

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Opening and Closing Time

9:00 - 6:00

Opening and Closing Time

Cleaning and making Cars Shinny 6 Days a Week