Exppress Car Wash in Ajmer

Looking for a professional car wash service in Ajmer?

Exppress Car Wash is your ultimate goal. Our skilled team offers top-quality for your car detailing services and cleaning services to make your vehicle shine. If you need a quick exterior wash or detailed interior cleaning. Similarly, you can get cover for your vehicle. Experience the convenience and quality of Exppress Car Wash in Ajmer today.


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Exppress car Wash Ajmer


01,Premz Autobloom,Vihar Colony, BK Kaul Nagar, Gokul-DAM-I,Ajmer-305001,Rajasthan.

Contact Person

Yash Sharma,

Phone Number

9711457624,94141 61141

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Opening and Closing Time

09:00 - 06:00

Opening and Closing Time

Cleaning and making Cars Shinny 7 Days a Week